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CTX Carp Rods 12’ 2.5lb

Free Spirit


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Product Ref: RCTX533

These are great rods where longer ranges are not required, realistically you aren’t going to fish past 100yds with these two, but for a lot of people that is unwanted anyway. If you fish smaller waters and want to enjoy playing the fish then you cant beat these two models, they are more than comfortable casting a 2 1/2oz lead with a stick mix on, the 2.75lb having that little more poke to it if you need to up the lead size a bit. The 2.75lb is available in full cork or abbreviated, both models have 40mm ring sets.

Wędziska występują w wersjach :

RCTX533FE - FULL EVA do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 60zł

RCTX533FC - FULL CORK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 100zł

RCTX533FS - FULL SHRINK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 70zł