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CTX Carp Rods 12’ 3.25lb

Free Spirit


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Product Ref: RCTX535

This is a fantastic rod and definitely the Jewel in the range, slim, great to look at and use and will do pretty much anything you need, it is comfortable at fishing 120-130 yds but is also perfectly ok to use at 30 yds on a smaller water. This rods cast 3.5oz comfortably or pop a 3oz lead and a stick mix on and you will hit over 100yds with ease. Since Free Spirit launched this rod we haven’t found any other make of rod under £150 that gets anywhere near the CTX 3.25lb!!

RCTX535FE - FULL EVA do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 60zł

RCTX535FC - FULL CORK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 100zł

RCTX535FS - FULL SHRINK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 70zł