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CTX Carp Rods 13’ 3.5lb S.U - 50mm

Free Spirit


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Product Ref: RCTX541-50

The “Big Chuck” in the range, the extra length means that casts of over 150yds are achievable with this rod. Obviously this is a pretty stiff rod but the extra length at 13’ means the rod feels less powerful than the 12’ version, its powerful but not an absolute poker. Its still a surprisingly slim and well balanced rod for the price. With 3 rods coming in under £450 you will not find better on the market.

Wędziska występują w wersjach :

RCTX541-50FE - FULL EVA do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 60zł

RCTX541-50FC - FULL CORK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 100zł

RCTX541-50FS - FULL SHRINK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 70zł