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S-Lite 12' SL’Ive - 50mm

Free Spirit


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Product Ref: RSL577-50

As Free Spirit say they don’t use the Ive name lightly, so to call these S-Lites Ives means they are very proud of what they can do. If you don’t want to spend Hi-S money but need a rod capable of 150yds plus yet still retaining a decent tip for playing fish then look no further. The carbon used in the S-lItes means that they have created a light, well balanced rod with incredibly fast tip speed recovery, it results in big distances being achieved but without the compromise in playability, again we at the shop favour the 13’ as if you are after distance it certainly gives you that, but we aren’t taking anything away for the 12’. These rods also make great long range PVA bag rods, the power through the middle and butt of the rod means you can push a loaded bag out without “collapsing” the rod therefore reducing the arc of the lead on the cast.

Wędziska występują w wersjach :

RSL577-50FE - FULL EVA do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 60zł

RSL577-50FC - FULL CORK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 100zł

RSL577-50FS - FULL SHRINK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 70zł