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S-Lite Compact Carp Rods 10’ 3.25lb

Free Spirit


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Product Ref: RSL585

A more powerful version of the 2.75lb, it has found favour with those fishing for big fish on weedy waters where a little more hook and hold is required, they are also brilliant rods to use from a boat on continenatal waters, when in a boat they don’t overhang and risk getting caught in islands snags etc, it is also much easier to play a fish from a boat on a shorter rod.

Wędziska występują w wersjach :

RSL586FE - FULL EVA do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 60zł

RSL585-40 - FULL CORK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 100zł

RSL586FS - FULL SHRINK do ceny podstawowej należy doliczyć 70zł